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AfrocubanOnline User Guide

You now have unlimited access to AfrocubanOnline's dance transformation platform

Setup your account

Getting started is easy. Just follow the quick steps below to get on board, and personalize your AfrocubanOnline experience according to your unique needs and goals.

Step 1

Log in
  • Click on  STUDENTS CENTER  button which is below the AfrocubanOnline logo.

  • Then click on the three bars on the upper right corner.

  • Choose the "Sign In" option.

  • Log in with your regular AfrocubanOnline email and password. Check your inbox for our welcome email. 

Step 2

Take a free Quiz
  • Take the quiz to get your personalized recommendations

  • After logging in, the next step is knowing which courses will best fit your needs and goals. Just answer a few simple questions in our quiz, and you’ll receive a personalized recommendation to start with.

Step 3

Complete your profile
  • You can edit your profile page, add your picture, change the username etc.


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