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15-19 NOV/2023

True connection


Special guest! PAPITO Angarica from Abbilona!!!

Dear afrocuban dancers!

We would like to invite you to Poland, in beautiful place in the middle of the 200 years old oak forest, by the lake… to experience, to feel, to touch the afrocuban culture with Alfredo Garcia and Papito Angarica!

Would you like to connect your dancing skills with your inner spirit? Would you like to go deep into dance, music and spiritual part of Cuba? Would you like to be guided for 4 days by Alfredo Garcia - from early morning to late evening or even night? Listen to tambores bata, sing, and … unleash the potential, the energy, the flow you have inside you?

If yes… then do not hesitate and join our second AfrocubanConnections this autumn in Poland!

It's our third edition! This time is coming with us an amazing singer and musician - well known from Abbilona music! PAPITO! Yes! Exactly PAPITO ANGARICA!

You will have an opportunity to learn singing and playing bata with him!

This is an unique event for no more than 40 people - the whole hotel is only for us, so we can really be focused fully on afro-cuban dance, music and culture!

Our schedule:

15 th of November - we are arriving to the spot in the evening, for the late dinner around 6-7pm (if you cannot, no worries, the main part we will start on the 16th early morning)
16th - 17th -18th -3 full days of connection with dance and culture
19th of November - we are still together till the lunch time, after - coming back home with completely new, mindset of Afrocuban Dancer.

Afrocuban Connections Camp is not only a dance or music workshop - it is primarily a "journey into culture", 24 hours a day.

The indicative schedule is as follows:
7:30 - morning classes: Yoga/ Meditations/ Cuban Ceremonies
8:00/9:00 - breakfast
9:30 - dance and music classes, lectures
13:00 - lunch break
14:00 - music and dance classes, lectures
19:00 - dinner
20:00 - preparations, rehearsals for the show, talks about culture
00:00 - bedtime

Every day there are additional, one-off classes, which provide participants with even greater opportunities to meet Afro-Cuban culture and dance (e.g. classical dance basics, improvisations, ceremonies, consultations).

Price list:

Prices include: accommodation in double or triple rooms, full board 3x a day, all activities.
It is possible to stay in a single room: surcharge of EUR 80.

1) EARLY BIRDS PRICE - payment by March 10 or the first 10 people:
2) SPRING PRICE - payment by June 20 or next 10 people:
3) SUMMER PRICE - payment by September 20 or next 10 people:
EUR 450

4) AUTUMN PRICE - payment after September 20 (until October 31 at the latest)

* no payments in rates, but we guarantee a refund in the event of resignation reported by August 31, 2023  at the latest, between August 31, 2023 and October 20, 2023 - 50%, after October 20, 2023 we do not refund payments.
* we can issue an invoice (dance workshops, coaching)
* prices do not include transport to the camp spot:
We recommend Poznań-Ławica, Łódź or Warsaw-Chopin airports. Every year we combine our participants into groups, thanks to which they travel to the resort together, reducing costs.

Hotel "Bernardynka" - Wąsocze near Konin, with private access to the lake and forest. The entire hotel is at the disposal of camp participants, which gives us a great comfort of stay.

Bank transfer details:
IM-POWER Alfredo Garcia Gonzalez
Title: Afrocuban Connections Camp - name, surname, type of pass

We have very limited spots (40!)  for this event! It won’t be huge , not even big - because we want you to be connected, to have the opportunity to really enjoy afrocuban dance and culture!


For those who are coming to El Sol Warsaw Salsa Festival - it’s amazing opportunity to combine two event! First Festival and then Camp! You are coming to Poland once and have an amazing time at once!


Mandatory, please send an e-mail before making the payment with the following data:
Name, surname, date of planned payment, from which city/country are you travelling, phone number,  type of room (single or double)
If you want to be with a specific person in the room - please provide such information with the data of the other person.
Type of meals: vegetarian, gluten-free, normal.

All additional information will be sent after payment confirmation.

If you have any questions - please contact us:

We are waiting for you!

Leave us a message and we'll get back to you.

Thanks for submitting!

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