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"On my afrocuban journey, I have always looked for a Learning program which goes beyond steps only.

Afrocuban Academy fits all my expectations and even went far beyond. It gives access to all the pillars which are: Mythology, Rhythms, Songs and Dances.

The experience is a total transformer which leads people to reach the essence of the dance, and therefore makes me become an art performer since I could express myself while respecting the culture."

Billy Chorrón



"This Afro-Cuban Academy is THE place to learn, to be inspired, to find motivation to surpass yourself! 

We learnt on course how to dance afro-cuban, but also tons of cultural knowledge, meaning of songs and steps, toques, singing... 

it is an all-inclusive and complete education cursus any afro-cuban fan needs to have in his/her life! 

Alfredo uses a very successful and pedagogical method suitable for all-level dancers.  

It changed my dancer life! I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to go beyond what we all know or think we know..."

Chantal Steiner


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"Attending the acfrocuban academy gave me a much needed structured overview about afrocuban culture and dance. We started from the very beginning and step by step moved our way through every orisha, discussing it's background, rhythms, moves and much more.

By creating this 'base' of knowledge I could improve my dancing and become confident in my movement. 

Also, even after the course has finished, I find the acquired understanding of the material helpful to build upon when I go to any new classes.      

So, I was happy to be part of the academy and would recommend it 100% to anyone!"

Elisabeth Seib



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AfrocubanOnline has some of the highest success rates in the world at transforming our students. 

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