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AfrocubanOnline Membership

Every Day in Every Way Become Better Dancer and Better at Living Your Full Potential.


The world's best programs in every area of afro-cuban dance and culture, now yours.

What you will learn

The best of AfrocubanOnline, for the best you

AfrocubanOnline Membership gives you access to the Best of AfrocubanOnline.

You’ll save big on your lifelong dance education. You’ll discover your full dance potential and you’ll connect with the world’s best teachers and community. All on one afro-cuban online learning platform.

La membresía de AfrocubanOnline le brinda acceso a lo mejor de AfrocubanOnline.

Ahorrarás mucho en tu educación de danza de por vida. Descubrirás todo tu potencial de baile y te conectarás con los mejores profesores y la comunidad del mundo. Todo en una plataforma de aprendizaje en línea afrocubana.

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Breakthroughs for every area of dancer's life

AfrocubanOnlineMembership is designed to transform

every area of your afro-cuban dance.

You now have access to the best coaches, training

and programs in the world.


Meet Your Main Teacher

Founder of and ex-dancer of Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba

Alfredo Garcia Gonzalez

He started dancing whe he was a boy, at the age of 9. It was a "family business" - he was raised in dancers family. He studied dance in the National School of Art ENA, graduating as a dancer and teacher in Afro-cuban folklore.  Afterwards he joined the well known Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba. In 2000 things changed, he was able to move to Europe because he got a scholarship in Zurich ( Performance Year) to study ballet and contemporary dance.

    As a dancer he has performed in well known companies like:  Augsburg Ballet,  Braunschweig Ballet, Donlon Dance Company Saarbrücken and Ballet Jazz de Montreal in Canada. He performed in many ballet pieces as Giselle (Albert) Swan Lake ( Siegfried), Firebird, Romeo and  Julia and many many more.

    He became a successful dancer because of his unique style combining ballet with his afro-cuban roots. He made himself shine in the midst of the other dancers. He has been dancing for over 30 years.

As a teacher his students love him because of his unique methodology and the way how he approaches each of them. He believes that students have the power to achieve their full potential to become top Afro-Cuban dancers.


His favorite quote is:

 You don’t get in life what you want you get in life what you fight for. 

He is also beloved for his Palo class and students know that when you get inside the room you will be treated as soldier because he would scream "Shoulders" all the time to make your body go beyond all limitations!

As a teacher he has been in many festivals like El Sol Salsa Festival (Warsaw),  Festival de Cuba (Stuttgart), Dancing Fairplayce ( Poznan ), Ya tu sabes (Geneva),  Rumba y Candela ,Cubahinama (Strassbourg),  Steps to get it (Bern), Cubanero (Novi Sad), CubamiSalsa, World Stars (Cyprus), etc. 


Alfredo is a dedicated Teacher and Coach, he will always take care of you. helping you achieve your greatness!

How it works

How It Works

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